Membership Benefits

If you would like to join the Harford Multisport Club please click the Active link below and complete the process.  Your registration fee will last until the end of the calendar year and is prorated at 2 month increments to ensure the value is fair no matter when someone signs up.

There’s no need to hesitate, sign up today!

  • Click HERE to sign up
    • New HMC members can start attending workouts right away
  • If you choose to register for the Bel Air Athletic Club in addition to the Harford Multisport Club
    • Contact Shawn Loper –
    • Receive a discount code for $30.00 off the HMC dues
    • Receive details and contact info to complete the BAAC membership process
  • Bel Air Athletic Club Partnership details:
    • Current BAAC members:
      • Receive a $50.00 discount for 1 month (using the referral plan)
      • Receive a $30.00 discount off monthly membership (cancel with 1 month notice)
    • New BAAC members
      • $30.00 discount / month for the duration of membership (3 months minimum and 1 month cancellation notice)

Two to four organized workouts per week.

HMC Sponsored Clinics

Discounted Apparel, Accessories, Service, and Bicycles at The Bike Doctor & Bike Shop of BelAir

Weekly emails with training plans, work outs and club news.

HMC sponsored Social Events
HMC custom apparel orders twice a year