I’m Pam Moore, age 57. I have been running since way back in High School but took time off while life happened. I got back into running while going through a divorce and discovered my love for running again.  Life happened once again, along with 1 more kid, which meant, yet again, no time for me.  Once my kids got older (17+), I found time for me again and have not slowed done since that time.

I’ve been a Multisport Athlete for 6 years; my body was getting beat up from running all of the time without any cross training. I thought it would be cool to do a multisport race, even though I did not know how to swim and had never ridden a road bike, especially clipped in to the pedals!

I had a ton of anxieties before taking up Multisport! I did not know how to swim or ride a road bike! The anxiety was awful but I stuck with it. I initially joined an all-women’s Tri Club and found the community to be supportive. After 2 years, I left the club and found HMC in 2015. I initially only joined HMC to swim in the pool at BAAC as I was a little intimidated by the standard of some of the HMC athletes. HMC has definitely helped my swim; I enjoy having a coach and a team/friends to train with.

I’ve competed in lots of races including marathons, 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlons, Olympic and sprint distance triathlons, Duathlons and way too many 5k’s, 10K’s, 25K’s, and half marathons for me to recall! My most memorable moment is the year I finished 2nd at the Bethany Beach Tri.  That was my comeback year after my bike accident in 2013.

My multisport advice is to work on each discipline and don’t become frustrated with your weakest one.  Training with friends and in a group allows me to feel successful.  Not every training day will be your best.  Accept that it was just not your day and prepare for your next training day with positive thoughts. It’s important not to give up!  If participating in a multisport race is what you want to do, it takes time and patience.  Celebrate the finish line!

My 2018 aim is to be consistent with training, remain injury free, cross train, rest, and cut some time off of my swim. Beyond 2018 I will continue to do what I do until my body says no more!  But I’m sure my mind will say move, move, move!